Easy Hairstyles for Work for Medium or Long Hair

This certainly isn’t our first ‘hairstyles for work’ type of article here at HairWorldMag, but we know all too well that day in and day out at the grind makes you crave a break from your routine. Something as small as a new hairstyle can put a great spunk in your step. If you’ve worn the same ponytail or straightened tresses for too long, then find some inspiration for hairstyles that take 5-minutes (although some might take some evening practice) and will impress and even inspire your colleagues to try something new too.

Workplace hairstyle

High Thick Ponytail for Work

You don’t have to ditch the ponytail to revamp your look, just revamp the ponytail. A double ponytail (no, not pigtails but one stacked on top of the other) adds volume, fullness and body. When you tease your crown and wear your natural texture (or add a little with your curling iron or product) and your ponytail will wow everyone in the office. Add a small bow to accessorize.


Easy ponytail tutorial


High thick ponytail for work

Easy Braided Bun for the Workplace

Braided updo’s are always attractive but also relatively impossible to obtain in your morning rush before work, but not any more. All you have to do for this look is divide your hair in two sections, braid both then roll up. If you have some spin-pins, simply spin them in for an even easier finish. It’s perfect for your bad hair days and every hair type.


Simply braided undo for work


Simple but cute braided updo for work

Mermaid Tail Braid

Sticking with the braided hairstyles for the workplace, this simple but intricate-looking braid looks like it took a stylist but only takes basic braiding abilities. Simply part your hair to your favorite side, braid two separate 3-strand braids, loosen them and then blend them into one with elastic.


Mermaid braid tutorial

Simply braided undo for work

Side mermaid braid

Knotted Half-Up Hairdo

This look is similar to the Celtic knot. It’s the perfect simple hairstyle to keep your hair down, out of your face and change up your frequent go-to half-up hairstyle with that hair clip. Simply pull your hair half back, put it in two sections, and create a knot, then repeat. You can find an easy video tutorial in the YouTube video below.


Celtic knot half-up hairstyle for work

Pompadour Hairstyle at Work!

The pompadour is a versatile hairstyle. You can complete it with a low bun and bobby pins, a braid, French twist leave your hair down or put it up in a rockabilly inspired updo. The most important part (and most time consuming) is the pompadour itself. However, with a few bobby pins, hairspray and practice, this can become a beautiful hairstyle in less than 5-minutes. Be careful with this hairstyle if you have a long face shape.

Pompadour hairstyle

Pompadour hairstyle