Latest Haircuts for Men in 2017

Last year we saw a lot of versatility and styling in men’s hair and this will continue into 2017. Barbers and their clients aren’t as hesitant as past years to try a new fade, to get a clean disconnect or opt for more length on top. As we roll into 2017 we will see more creative and stylish men’s hairstyles. The biggest trend in men’s hair for 2017 is definitely texture on top, but you will see some longer hairstyles and even shaved looks too.


If you’re ready for a new look, take a look at some of the best hairstyles for 2017 and book an appointment with your barber.

Shorter Hair

Shorter hair will always be in style. It fits with the minimalist approach that many men choose to take to their hair routine. The key to keeping up with the 2017 shorter hair trend is how to wear your facial hair or fade with the shorter cut.


Almost Buzz Cut with Fade

A buzz cut with a skin fade and beard is the perfect way to keep your hair short but still make it a cohesive look with your facial hair.


Fade with beard

Short on the Sides

Keep the fade subtle and your hair shorter on the sides with an inch or two on top that will create a textured look that doesn’t require you to go visit your barber every week.


Simple and short men’s hairstyle for 2017

Surgical Part with High Fade

A surgical part is an easy way to separate your shorter cut from the rest. Depending on your hairs texture or preferred length, you can make this look work for you.


Short hair with surgical part

Texture on Top

Medium Length Combover

This style is perfect for men with straight thick hair. Right on trend, the shorter side and longer combover is an easy way to get plenty of style out of your haircut.


Side-part hairstyle

High Fade with Longer Bangs

If you like it long on top but want to keep it short and easy to cut, then this high fade with longer hair on top is an easy way to get plenty of style with minimal upkeep or styling.


High fade with fringe

Short Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle is a classic men’s look. It can work with every hair texture and most face shapes. Keep the quiff an inch or two longer than the rest of your hair but style it with a polished finish.


Quiff hairstyle for men 2017

Longer Hair

This year we are going to continue to see longer hairstyles coming back in style. The man-bun, longer center-parted hair and Mick Jagger influenced texture will be on the catwalk and the sidewalk this year.

Longer in the Back

This haircut is perfect for somebody who has a naturally wavy texture. This haircut is shorter in the front and longer in the back and this helps keep your hair off your face. All you need to do to style is add a styling product and lightly scrunch.


Longer hair with beard

Long Layers

If you have fine or straight hair, then opt for an easy long layered hairstyle. This cut has a long side-swept fringe in the front and it meets the longer layers in the back for an effortless longer hairstyle.


Good option for fine and straight hair

Shag Hairstyle

This year is all about individual style. A shaggy longer haircut can give your hair texture and volume that is both masculine and seductive. Perfect with a side part or a center part, this haircut is shorter than chin-length but longer in the back.


Long shag hair