Medium Length Bangs for Thin Hair

When you have thin hair, it’s hard to achieve wavy beach hair or vibrant curls. But you can get chic, trendy looks that people with coarse or curly hair can’t. One of our favorite ways to wear fine hair is a medium length cut with medium bangs. A medium cut is the perfect length for fine hair and because your hair is so manageable, you can rock bangs with ease.


Medium length blunt bangs are a timeless look that are easy to maintain. You’ll need to get them trimmed every few weeks but not as often as short bangs and they’re more stylish than long side-swept bangs. You’ll have to play with style, layers and texture depending on your face shape. Check out these styles below to inspire your next bold & beautiful bangs.


Ombre Bangs with Blunt Bob

Looking for a new way to wear the ombre look? Try getting yourself some medium bangs and keeping them root color (or any darker color) and then ombre the rest of your bob. It’s an easy way to have bangs but still get the balayage or ombre look without the bangs looking disconnected.


Ombre with medium length bangs

Choppy Almost Bardot Bangs with Texture

If your thin hair actually has some texture or you don’t mind running a curling iron through it in the morning, then these medium bangs with layers are perfect. They’re longer on the side than the middle, almost like Bardot bangs, but not as dramatic. Paired with a long layered textured bob, these bangs will look effortlessly chic.


Choppy medium bangs

Medium Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a lot softer than blunt straight bangs. If they’re cut with the right feathered look, they naturally gain texture, even if you have straight thin hair. By changing up your part and getting a feathered layered haircut, your thin hair will become a little more textured too. This easy look can be washed and worn!


Wispy medium bangs

Taylor Swift’s Rounded Medium Bangs and Bob

Thicker bangs are a great way to make thin hair appear thicker. Taylor Swift has thick wide bangs that are heavy through the middle but long enough to be swept to the side. The side-swept bangs perfectly match up with the choppier layers throughout the bob. It’s a modern shag bob perfect for thin hair.


T.Swift’s medium bangs

Thick Choppy Medium Bangs

If the wispy medium bangs aren’t for you, try something a little heavier with a thicker choppy set of bangs. This is perfect if you want to have a few layers throughout the bangs too for a more dynamic look. You’ll want them cut across and thick with shorter sections through the middle.


Thicker medium bangs

Medium Bangs for Older Women

This look is also perfect for women who are noticing some signs of aging such as thinner hair and a few more beauty marks around the forehead. The longer bangs are better than Botox and this sleek haircut transcends time.


Medium bangs for older women