Platinum Blonde Bob Ideas

We love the platinum look – it’s edgy yet feminine, soft but bold. The bob is the hottest haircut in the last five years with celebs and fashionista’s chopping off their hair every day, put these two together and you’ve got a head-turning, show-stopping hairstyle.


Of course, we have to caution you about the commitment that platinum blonde is. This isn’t just a once every 3 months hair color, platinum takes upkeep and regular dying sessions, especially if you get an all over color. The shorter length will make it more affordable but the commitment to your stylist will becoming greater.


Now that we have that out of the way, lets take a look at some seriously awe-inspiring platinum blonde bobs.

Razored Edge Platinum Blonde Bob

Who doesn’t love some Jennifer Lawrence hairstyles? One of our favorite looks on her was this almost-shoulder-skimming platinum blonde. The razored edges have her hair natural texture throughout the bottom. Avoiding layers and razored edges throughout the length of the hair helps the bob stay manageable at the shorter length.


J.Law’s Blonde Bob

Wavy Side-Swept Platinum Blonde

Platinum is a cool color and it can come off as a harsh look too, similar to a jet-black. To soften this look, side-swept bangs and soft waves will give it an everyday look, especially with the right bob haircut. A few subtle, short layers can help create wavy texture but be careful if you have naturally think or unruly hair with those layers.


Wavy Side-Swept Bob

Platinum Blonde with Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs are the hottest new trend in bangs – and we’re obsessed. We love that the Bardot look is coming back from the off-shoulder shirts to the curtain bangs. Brigitte Bardot’s blonde hair wasn’t exactly platinum, but the curtain bangs are the perfect compliment to the bold color.


Platinum Blonde Bardot Bangs

Graduated Platinum Blonde

Platinum is an edgy color so why not pair it with an edgier haircut? an asymmetrical bob is subtle but makes a statement. Shorter in the back and longer in the front, this haircut gives you the advantages of an easy to style hair length but the front allows you the length to play with braids and twists, like we’ve seen Cara Delevingne wear with her platinum blonde bob.



Asymmetrical Platinum Blonde

Graduated bobs are shorter in the back and longer in the front, but an asymmetrical bob is longer on one side than another. This creates an off balanced look that is perfect for most face-shapes. This cut works well for fine hair, thick hair, wavy or straight hair too. We love it in a simple, charming short cut and long straight and sleek looks.

asymmetrical-bob asymmetrical-bob (2)

Old Hollywood Platinum Blonde

It wouldn’t be a platinum bob post without finding inspiration from the original platinum blonde – Marilyn Monroe. When we think of old hollywood glam, we think of the finger curls, the shorter bobs that seemed overly seductive. If you love styling your hair with loose curls and side-swept, then why not try platinum for awhile?


Simple Wavy Platinum Bob

Old Hollywood Bob

Old Hollywood Bob

Now that we’ve convinced ourselves that platinum blonde bob’s is the hottest look for both sexy and sultry and soft and feminine, we have to remind ourselves that there is upkeep, you have to choose a bob that works for your face-shape and hair texture and then consider how platinum will work with your skin tone, eye colors and make-up palettes.