Razor Haircuts that Always Look Good

Different strokes for different folks – or at least different cutting techniques. Most often when we head to the salon we get our hair trimmed with cutting shears, leaving us with blunt or point cut ends. This look works for all hair types but if you opt for a razor hair cut, you can really get a different look. This is done by using a straight edge razor blade that glides down the hair and leaves a more feathered appearance.


The benefit of razored cuts is an edgy look, more texture and an effortless bedhead look. If you have thick hair, razored cuts can thin off some of that extra hair and for ladies with fine hair, razored edges can give you more volume and texture, creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Check out some of these razor haircuts for long and short hair that are effortlessly edgy and chic.

Same Length Bob with Razor Edges

This look is ideal for women with fine or thin hair. Bob length cuts already give a fuller appearance but when you add the razored edges, you will have texture throughout your mane. Keep everything one length for a hairstyle that’s easy to style and always looks good.


Same length razored bob

Long Hair with Waves and Bangs

If you want to add some extra texture to your long hair, or perhaps more volume to limp fine long hair, then razored cuts can do just that. Longer hair with razor cuts tend to be easier to style and add plenty of that beach-wave texture. Long bangs with a razor finish completes this vogue look.


Razor cut with bangs

Razor Face Framing Long Pixie

A great way to get the angles and face-framing look from a long pixie / short bob is to use the razor cut technique to help feather the tips for smooth angles. This look can be as soft or edgy as you want – depending on how harsh the feathering is from the razor.

Short Hair For Various Face Shape oval face ashlee simpson

Face-framing pixie

Shag Bob with Short Razored Layers

This cut is better for ladies with straight hair because it can make wavy or curly textures unmanageable. Shorter razored layers will create body and texture throughout a shoulder-length cut. This bed-head inspired look makes looking stylish for day or night easy and quick.


Timeless razor-cut hairstyle

Short Curly Cut with Razor Cut

If you have curly hair then razored cuts can be magical for mane management.  It’s important that your stylist understands curly hair and razor cuts though. You will probably need some anti-frizz serum for this cut but a shorter curly cut with razored edges is actually a very easy hairstyle to wear day-in and day-out.


Razor-cut for curly hair

Wavy Hair with Razored Mid-Length Cut

It’s not always wise to go too short when you have curly or wavy hair, simply because it’s more difficult to style. We want styling to be easy and razored cuts can make that happen. A mid-length cut with razored long layers can help thin your thick wavy hair and make a chic look that has plenty of bouncy waves.

Razor layers with wavy hair texture

Razor layers with wavy hair texture