Simple Updo Hairstyles for your Wedding Day

You’ve said yes to the man, yes to the dress, now it’s time to say yes to the tresses. It’s not always easy to find the right updo for your wedding day. You want a timeless hairstyle that reflects your personal style and matches your dress perfectly. Here are 10 simple Bridal updo’s that should help you with making your big decision.

A Falling Side Braid and Low Bun

Spice up a simple low bun hairstyle with a cascading braid.  There is also a choice of hair accessories such as a few flowers or baby’s breath or even simple jewelry like Bridal comb that can look perfect with this hairstyle.


Gorgeous side braid and low bun.

The Top Knot on Your Wedding Day

A simple topknot can be the perfect wedding updo. It’s simple but fashionable and it will show off your make up, jewelry, and dress and still look extremely stunning.


Top knots are versatile and simple for your wedding day hair.

A Retro Updo that is Vintage inspired

Vintage is in and if you have a timeless dress then match it with this old glam hairstyle. You don’t have to have your grandma’s hairstyle but a vintage-inspired hairstyle like this one is a hairstyle that people will remember for years to come.


Gorgeous vintage hair for a timeless bride.

Not your Average Side-Braid

A simple braid is a great option for your wedding day but if you want a special hairstyle then why not try this intricate side braid? Don’t hesitate to take risk with a braid on your wedding day. This look is great for every style of dress too.


A unique side braid bridal hairstyle

Loose Waves pinned up and a Bun

A loose wavy hairstyle pinned up in a low bun is tremendously romantic and glamorous.


A timeless bridal hairstyle.

Keep your Hair Up with a Crown Braid

A simple crown braid is a great way to keep your hair up but still have a memorable and flattering hairstyle. There are a lot of options for this look depending on your hair texture and personal taste you can determine the position and the width of the braid and how you want the back.


A princess-inspired braided hairstyle.

Voluminous Updo for Big Hair

Go big or go home. A big and bold updo is perfect for your wedding day. Big hair around the crown paired with a big bun is a great option.


Gorgeous and bold wedding hairstyle.

The Infinity Twist

This is a great updo that works for just about any hair length and hair texture. It’s simple, gorgeous, and practical for your wedding day.


This hairstyle is simple but flattering.

Braided Chignon as a Bridal Hairstyle

This great hairstyle combines two timeless wedding hairstyles: chignon and braid. A bold beautiful hairstyle that will keep your hair tied back through all of the wedding day festivities and look gorgeous with every dress.


Gorgeous braided chignon updo

A French Twist Updo is Simple

A French twist is a simple but sophisticated wedding updo. By deconstructing the hairstyle you can soften it, which will add heaps of romance to your updo.


A loose and deconstructed french twist.