Square Face Shape Hairstyles: How to Round the Angles

If you are sure that you have a square face then you’re at the right place. If you’re not sure, we can help you determine! Take a selfie of your full face, straight on and without a smile. Print that photo or open it with a program where you can draw on the image and outline the contours of your face.


Square face shape

If you find that the length and width of your face are almost equal, and you have prominent cheekbones and jawlines, then you probably have a square face. Lucky you! There are many hairstyles that can flatter this hairstyle regardless of age, personal style, hair texture and hair type.

Hair Tips for a Square Face

Some of the most gorgeous women in the world (Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley,  Olivia Wilde, just to name a few) have square face shapes. The strong jaw and prominent cheekbones have become a characteristic of admiration. However, the symmetry between length and width can be harsh or unflattering with the wrong hairstyle. Face-framing haircuts can soften the angular characteristic of square faces for a soft and gorgeous overall look.

Before we dive into specific hairstyles for a square face-shape, here are some general tips to help you navigate haircuts and a square face shape.

  • Add volume at the roots to make your face appear longer
  • Ombre and balayage color techniques will prevent defining hair color which can add to the harsh angles
  • Adding texture like beach waves and bouncy curls is a sure way to soften angles
  • Straight shoulder length and longer cuts can help elongate the face shape
  • Avoid adding volume at the cheekbones and jawline
  • Avoid straight, blunt bangs
  • Shorter haircuts are generally unflattering because it emphasizes the square shape but each person, hair texture and shape is slightly different so consult with your stylist and remember these tips if you want to go shorter

Layered and Highlighted Wavy Lob

A piecey lob will help soften the angles of a square face shape, emphasize the bone structure by revealing the high cheekbones. Adding highlights will lighten up your face especially when paired with the choppy layers for a soft look. We love this cut on a trendy lob but the cut can work with longer lengths too.


Soften square face shape angles with piecey hair cuts

Long Layered Locks with Side Bangs

We have already mentioned that layers are one of the best ways to soften your face shape. Adding an asymmetrical feature can also help create a more oval face shape. Side-swept bangs do both. The extra layer and the asymmetrical style is perfect for a square face shape. These eyebrow skimming bangs work well with hair texture that’s easy to manage. Side-swept bangs with a square face shape can be longer and fuller if you have curly or wavy hair.


Side-swept bangs for square face

Honey Brown Wavy Lob

Honey highlights are perfect for ladies with warmer skin tones and brunette hair. They soften a brown color without requiring too much maintenance or damaging your hair. Add honey to your waxy textured lob for a simple but flattering hairstyle. If you have cool skin-tones then look for cooler blonde hues to compliment your hair color.


Honey brown wavy lob for square face

Asymmetrical Bob

A blunt bob can make a square face look even more angled but the right bob can be perfectly flattering for this face shape. Think of Keira Knightly’s asymmetrical, straight bob. This cut is elongated right at the chin, which draws the eyes of the beholder downward towards the nape. This bold cut can soften a bold face shape with a straight texture and angled cut. You might need a hair straightener for this one. If your hair is curly or wavy it will create too much width around your cheekbones.


Asymmetrical bob for square face

Voluminous Pixie Cut

If you like the shorter cuts and have a square face shape, then you still want to remember that you need to create volume. By adding lots of layers, you can add height to your hairs texture. This will also create a more rounded hairstyle that can help soften the angles of your face shape. Don’t forget that this is the perfect opportunity to play with different color schemes too.


Pixie for square face shape

Wispy Bangs with Any Hair Cut

Bangs are a great way to eliminate the equal width and length look with a square face shape and bangs can make or break your look. Longer wispy bangs are perfect for a soft and rounded hairstyle for a square face. You can add these bangs to a long bob or longer locks, just be weary of removing too much length from your face shape with a short cut and bangs.

Bangs for square face shape

Bangs for square face shape

Center Part with Cascading Waves

We recommend a side-part most often for a square face shape but if you love the center part, then it can definitely work with your face shape! Try to add some layers or a long cascading hair texture that will keep drawing the eyes downward. The right texture with the center part will draw eyes directly to your cheekbones, stopping at your jawline and create the illusion of a more oval shape.


Soft long hair texture for square face

Shoulder Length with Rounded Layers

Rounding off the edges of your layered shoulder-length cut is a simple way to disguise the boxiness of your face shape. Keep the length well below your chin to prevent adding width around your jawline. If you’re considering a color change, this cut is a perfect length to try adding some different hues. It’s minimal upkeep but long enough to really notice a difference.


Rounded ends for square face shape

Finding the right hairstyle for a square face shape is actually easy because you’re not hiding your features – you’re complimenting them. Add volume at the roots or through length, style your hair with soft features such as beach waves and choose coloring techniques that do not define hues but blends them for a soft and smooth look.