The Best Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

Your daughter’s wedding day is not just special for her and her groom. It is monumental for you as the mother of the bride. From the hours spent planning the big day to seeing them all come together on the special day, these memories live on for a lifetime. We love to capture our wedding day through photos because we look back on these memories with a loving heart. You want a hairstyle that allows you to focus on the bride, compliments your dress and emphasizes the smiles that you will certainly be wearing that day. We’ve found some hairstyles that deliver on style, practicality and beauty. Check out these hairstyles for the mother of the bride.


Classic Chignon

A chignon is traditionally worn low at the nape of the neck and they are considered a timeless formal hairstyle. A simple but large chignon, containing the entire length of your hair is a perfect look for any dress or season. A chignon that is tucked under will keep your hair in place but you can also add a hair accessory for a more modern look.


Chignon with hair accessory

Voluminous Swept Back Half-Up

If you have a shorter hair length such as a chin-length bob but you still want to make a big statement with a formal hairstyle, try this voluminous sweptback look. It will add texture and volume to your hair for a night of celebration. We love how this look will show off earrings and make-up, perfect for your wedding day look.


Voluminous wedding day look for bob

One Side Pulled Back with Accessory

Keeping things simple can be a good idea when you have a long day of wedding celebration ahead of you. A simple down-do that is pulled back and sealed with a hair accessory can be perfect. It’s simple enough that you won’t spend all morning in the styling chair but formal enough for the special occasion.


Simple mother of the bride hairstyle

Half-Up Curly Hair and Tucked Back

There are few hairstyles more formal and appropriate for a wedding than curls. Adding 1-inch curls to the length of your hair and tucking it back to tame the volume is a classic wedding hairstyle for the mother of the bride. This look is perfect for high-collared dresses, sleeveless dresses and tank-top dresses so regardless if you’re wearing a cardigan or showing off those arms, this hairstyle can complete the look.


Curly mother of the bride hairstyle

Retro Waves

You’re a timeless beauty, why not opt for a hairstyle that is as timeless as you are. Big, retro waves with a side-part are perfect for any length of hair and they can really add body and texture to fine hair.


Retro waves

Formal Ponytail

Spice up your everyday ponytail look by adding curls and volume. By adding volume at the crown of your ponytail and curling the front of your hair and length in the ponytail, you can put a formal look on your casual ponytail. This is a good option for destination weddings or weddings on a hot day. It will prevent frizz and keep you cool during the festivities.


Formal wedding ponytail