The Best Tyra Banks Hairstyles

When you think about celebrities that have versatility, Tyra Banks always comes to mind. Tyra can surprise you on the catwalk or the sidewalk. She makes bold and trend-setting choices with both fashion and hair. Here are our favorite Tyra Banks trend-setting hairstyles


Straight Shoulder Length Bob with Highlights

What we love most about this Tyra Banks hairstyle is the way she blended her natural darker color with lighter caramel highlights. The colors are bold and the thicker highlights make the colors stand out.


Tyra Banks long straight bob

Long Loose Waves with Highlights

Tyra isn’t afraid to go light with her hair. She has often has longer hair with lighter locks. The curls perfectly create dimension and movement for the lighter highlights. She keeps the highlights heavy on the top but lighter on the bottom to create depth.


Timeless Tyra Banks hairstyle

Long Hair with Beach Wave Curls

In contrast to her usual perfectly wavy locks, Tyra has worn her longer hair in a more tousled look. Perfect for a casual night out or hitting the town after a day at the beach on vacation, these tousled beach waves are flawless.

Tyra Banks--Beach-Wavy-Hair

Tousled wavy hair

Pastel Pink Ombre

Tyra Banks knows how to make a statement. She may be one of the most successful businesswomen but that doesn’t mean she can’t rock the pastel hair color trend.


Pink pastel hair

Tyra Bank’s Sassy Pixie

Tyra has also tried the pixie look and it was stunning. She styled it many ways including with razored edges and a forward Mohawk and with slightly wavy texture through the front for a perfectly face-framing pixie cut look.


Curly pixie


Forward pixie

Wide Blunt Bangs

Tyra Banks knows how to work her body and how to work her face shape with her hair. She rocks the wide blunt bangs because they create a more of an oval look with her long face shape.


Blunt bangs with straight hair


Blunt bangs with wavy hair

Box Braids

Tyra Banks shows off her versatility by looking simply gorgeous with box braided hairstyle. She has her hair pulled back to show off those amazing cheekbones and the braids complete the gorgeous look.


Box braids

Low Bun with Side-Bangs

Tyra often wears her hair in a low slicked back bun to events. We love when she leaves a little hair out of the bun and creates side-swept bangs. The bangs draw your attention to her light brown eyes and strong cheekbones and with the hair tucked back; you’re only focused on her facial features.


Tyra’s classic low bun