The No-Part Hair Style

Did you see Gig Hadid at the American Music Awards with her no-part hairstyle? She changed outfits several times from an asymmetrical gown to a shoulder-padded blazer to a high-collared black gown and this swept back, no-part hairstyle complimented every outfit effortlessly and it can compliment your style too.


Gigi Hadid AMA ’16

But why would you choose a no-part hairstyle over a center or side-swept part unless you were attending an event like the American Music Awards?

There are a lot of Benefits to the No-Part Look

  • Keeps your hair off your face
  • Draws attention to your facial features by sweeping hair back and creating symmetry
  • Compliments any outfit including a turtleneck sweater, evening gowns, casual jeans and even a sporty look
  • Works for all hair lengths and types. Brush back your curls for a sleek look, create volume if you have fine hair or tame wild coarse hair
  • It looks best when you use your hairs natural hair texture (super easy to style!)
  • Parting your hair changes the symmetry on your face. A no-part look can work for every face shape

How you style the no-part hairstyle depends on the final look that you’re looking for. You can actually train your hair to not have a part by combing it back and letting it air-dry. You might need to add some mousse or gel during the “training” process.

If you just want it this way for one night or special occasions then you will have to do some styling, but it’s still pretty simple.

Wash your hair and let it air dry or blow-dry without parting it and to achieve that high volume look add some volumizing spray at your roots. Add large hair rollers where you usually part your hair and let them sit for a few hours then simply brush them out for a soft and volumized hairstyle. You can also skip the hair rollers if you just want your hair texture to be part of the look and style while you air dry the voluminous brushed back hairstyle.

Check out some of our favorite ways to wear the no-part hairstyle:

Casual Sleek and Slick

This easy no-part hairstyle is perfect for a casual day or a night out. It fits perfectly with high winter sweaters, strapless summer dresses or tanks. It’s also a good option for ladies with longer hair because of how easy it is to grab some product and style your hair sleek and slicked back.


Loosely slicked back


Sleek and Chic

Voluminous No-Part Hairstyle

Gigi isn’t the only supermodel to wear the no-part look. Her good friend Kendall Jenner has been seen wearing this voluminous swept back look to events too. Keeping the hair light and full of body will require a little more styling with your hair dryer and maybe a curling iron.


Romantic No-Part Hairstyle

If you prefer to curl your hair at the ends in an Old-Hollywood inspired timeless curl then why not pair it with a voluminous no-part for a completely romantic look? This look can work for bobs, mid-length cuts and even long hair.


Romantic no-part hairstyle

Bob Haircut with No-Part

If you’re looking for a special occasion for your bob hairstyle, then a no-part swept back hairstyle is the perfect option. No-part hairstyles are especially easy to get with shorter hair and minimal styling products. Depending on your collar you can have it slicked down or voluminous. Simple, sweet and so cute.


Formal swept-back look


No-part bob hairstyle

Half-Up No-Part

Another easy way to get a no-part look is to simply create a half-up look by pulling your hair back and securing it with a clip or bobby-pins. This can be styled with straight, wavy or curly hair for a casual or formal look. You can create a voluminous swept back look or keep it straight and flat, depending on your face shape and hair texture.


Simple no-part hairstyle

No-Part Up-Do

If you’re looking for a voluminous up-do then try a no-part hairstyle that sweeps upward and down and then securing in a low-bun of your choice. This look is perfect for those who want to wear dangling earrings with their updo too.

No-part updo

No-part updo


Braided updo

No-Part Party Hairstyle

Perhaps you want an edgy swept-back no-part look that is perfect for a night out. Try this swept-back hairstyle that is slick in the front, loose in the back and then add some temporary hair color or glitter to really show off this look.


Perfect party look

No-Part Extra Wavy

If you wear your hair with waves or curls then parting your hair – or not parting your hair – can make a big difference in how much volume you have. Styling your beautiful texture upward will give your hair a lot of volume and more room to show off its natural texture. This is especially good for ladies with round faces who need to create length.


Wavy no-part hairstyle

No-Part with Edgy Braided Hairstyle

We’ve seen a lot of new braided hairstyles recently. As people get bolder with their braids, pairing the look with a no-part, high volume hairstyle can set you apart from the rest. Sweep your hair back before braiding multiple french braids for this bold look.


Braided hairstyle with no-part

Short Pixie with Long Fringe

If you like a shorter cut such as the pixie but you’re over the side-swept bangs then try this no-part pixie cut that has a long forward swept fringe.


Pixie with no-part

We know that it’s easy to grow used to your part. You’ve probably worn the same part for many years, your hair is even cut to compliment the part but some times it’s good to change things up. A no-part hairstyle can give you that easy hair change you’ve been craving or just a hairstyle for a night out that’s different from your go-to waves or sleek ponytail updo. This look works for every hair length, texture and style so give it a try!